Friday, December 17, 2010

A quick warm gift

Our family loves heating pads in the winter time. A few years ago my SIL and her family sent each of us one for Christmas. We all fight over the microwave at night. We love to use them for ear aches, headaches, muscle aches, and my children love them especially for warmth! It's cold here in New England.

We love to make them and give them away as teacher gifts, or gifts for extra special people.
We fill ours with regular long grain rice. There are other options out there, but this seems the cheapest.
There is no right or wrong size. I don't use a pattern. I just cut rectangles and start sewing and filling.
We add instructions inside the gift bag. Heat for 2 minutes on high in the microwave. I put together little gift bags with a note on the outside saying, "to warm you up on cold winter nights." I can't wait to give these great, personal gifts away.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

an update from Laura

Poor Sad Craft blog. Lonely, ignored, neglected, does anyone even check on you anymore?

I humbly take my hat off to all of those amazing, talented, creative women out there who run a craft blog. Most have families and busy lives, still they keep their followers updated everyday with a new project or post. Thank you. (running a craft blog is Hard! Not that it's hard to do crafts, it's just hard to document it along the way, and make it interesting. Never mind the pressure of having to come up with your own idea. I'm a big, fat, copy-cat!) So with that in mind, let me introduce you to one of my FAVORITE sites. It is one of the few I go to daily. And am always trying out the crafts.

Right now I am working on one of the crafts for my children and a few of our friends. I don't want to ruin the surprise so I will share later. But check it out if you haven't yet.

And know, K and I are still out there crafting, but we are probable camera-less and vowing to document the next project...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Slap a bow on it, and call it good

In my search for a creative Fathers Day gift I came across this easy, super cute, paper bow. I knew whatever I did, it had to include a bow like this. Since I was in charge of our primary's gift for the fathers, why not make 20 of these bad boys. The paper I used was called "Dude" how appropriate.

They turned out so cute, we attached them to apple pie caramel apples, that the kids made themselves. The end result was so fun, and the Dad's loved their gift.

And because I was on a roll, and loving the cute bows, I made some for my children's teachers and teacher helpers. (Our school just got out on the 18th.) We picked up some yummy turtle brownies from our local BJ's (like Costco). The kids each wrote out a cute thank you note, and then we attached the bow. G.'s teacher wore the bow like a corsage on her shirt all day.

I love G's note to his teacher..." Dear Mis Widacher I well mis you. I well nev forget how much you like wering crocs. Senc you were crocs so much I were myn often now." Hope you can decipher that. He is the cutest, I almost wish he never learns how to spell correctly. His writing won't be as much fun to read.

How cute are these?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Irresistable chocolate chip cookie bowls

Ice cream just found a new home.... a chocolate chip cookie bowl. These things were super easy to make, and worth the extra time (you can only make 6 at a time). They were originally found in Family Fun, but I found great instructions here:

I cheated and used store bought cookie dough, but next time I will try home made dough. Even though mine turned out dark and slightly overcooked, they were to die for.

We added plain Vanilla ice cream, Carmel, hardening chocolate, cool whip, and pecans. The Carmel and hardening chocolate were soaked up by the cookie bowl and lets just say...mmm.

The kids ate them to the last chip!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Place your orders.

I wanted to add some whimsy to my back porch, so I was inspired to make some fun food signs.

First I checked the back of Home depot in their scrape pile and found a board for .51 cents. Score. I cut it up for my 3 signs.

Next...continuing with my Red and Yellow theme, I painted the boards
Next came the lettering. I used sponge letters I got from Walmart, (sorry no picture)
Then I sanded, and glazed them, so they looked well used.
I attached them to the siding with self stick Velcro (easy to remove, when we move from this home, or in the winter time.)
I love the FUN element they bring to the porch, and they bring in more color!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Our potted gardens

Because of Kata's great idea, we were inspired to do our own potted gardens.

We chose tomatoes, cilantro, peppers, and Parsley(because I use it so much). We went for a Salsa garden theme. We wanted to grow onions too, but I read you have to plant those in the fall. Oh well, onions are cheap.

Can't wait till we have some bounty to harvest.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Should I? Could I? Would I?

Have you ever painted plastic? Could it really work and look good? Well, this was my latest project, to bring new life to these two run-of-the-mill plastic chairs.

So I got the red I wanted...Tomato red is what I am calling it.

I recently bought two of these yellow planters at Walmart. LOVE YELLOW and RED together. Hmm... makes me want hamburgers and hot dogs. Well, this is my BBQ area.

So I went for it, and here is the result. Decorating the deck is far from over, but these red chairs make me smile.

Monday, May 17, 2010


This beauty has been in the family for about 7 years! I bought her at an estate sale in Missouri- My husband hates her- she has nearly been in the good-will pile 47times, always rescued by me! I finally stripped her down and started working on her. I even kicked my husbands car out of the garage for a week. I have her wood all done, and now need to get the new fabric on! The problem is- my new power-staple gun wont go into her! I don't know if its the hard-wood or what? I think I need a nail gun, maybe a brad-nail gun. That's how she was put together. But, I need to wait for the dust to settle before that purchase. This has been the reason for a messy house, lack of bloggage and well, a lot!

Fabric necklace

I took a 4 inch wide by 42 inches- sewed one side all the way down, and turned it. Ironed it- seem running down the middle.
Pinking sheers to trim up the edges, and make it a little raw.
I slid in this green trim- envelope-style...this green trim, YUM. (I found this in the upolster-trim section at JoAnns on clearance-it was my inspiration)
I just put it on my leg, and started folding it in a neckline-shape.
After I pinned my tucks, I started at the green trim and just sewed down the middle.

Found a coordinating fabric- I am freaking out about coral ever since my pal said the word! cut a 2inch by 20inch, sewed it together, tied a knot for the center of the flower.
Then I just kept winding the fabric, hot-gluing as I make the shape I desired.
Using lace, fold on itself to make a leaf.
Glued leaf to flower, and then to fabric.Oh, La la. Lovely.
Making jewelry is a total passion. I make things often. Its just tough to interrupt the creative juices to document, and then blog it. Ahhh, I did it. This was about a 30min project.

Cleaning fun!

I remember cleaning my school desk with shaving cream. I thought they would love it. Of course they all had to taste it because it looks like whipping cream.... so after a taste they realized it was just to eat. They had a great time writing letters, drawing snowmen etc. And best of all, you just wipe it with a wet rag- and the surface is clean!

Planting little gardens!

First stop, the nursery. They each had a wagon in tow- I think this was the favorite spot. We just went to our local nursery. (remember Edwards Laura?) We chose out of the huge selection of herbs. The best part is in the selecting. As you check out the herbs, rub/pet them with your hands- you can smell them sooo strong. Some of our picks were Lemon thyme, lemon basil (the lemon varieties were insanely smelling!) we also snagged a Pineapple thyme- and many others.
I had them all plant herbs. My darling friend Chelsea helped us out. She gave us amazing gardening tips. (like not planting tomatoes with peppers- didnt know you shouldn't do that!) She also saved us money on the potting soil. She went right into home depot and asked for any of their "torn" bags- she got crazy discounts just b/c the bag was torn! I never would have thought of that! But it all works the same...
S. Planted a Pizza garden. -Italian spices- oregano, Italian parsley, and basil. (and of course a flower....) we had so much fun. They kids have enjoyed the responsibility of watering their plants. They get hit about 3 times a day!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Snowflake Skirts, for Easter

During Spring break my sister, Mom and I decided to make Easter Skirts for all the granddaughters. The pattern is called the Snowflake Skirt. Since Mom had made these for them all at Christmas, we decided to shorten the top layer to showcase the fabric a little more.
They really couldn't be cuter! I ended up making 2 for S. and one for M. It was so much fun!
My Sister was on the cutting, Mom was on the Sewing machine, and I was on the serger. We just rotated, held crying babes, and had such a blast!

A Gift every Mom would enjoy

My Darling friend gave me Freezer Meals:
You know these hot/cold bags- well it came stocked with the freezer meals and things to go with them. It was so nice, I keep thinking- this is the cutest idea EVA! They were kid-tested and just such a thoughful gift. I had to share this amazing idea. its totally something I want to do (when I grow up I guess)