Friday, January 29, 2010

Har- ta-tack

We are nuts about Valentines Day already! We are daily trying to strum up something to do. This is the inspiration we had today. And we feel so pretty now.
Paint a base coat. She chose pink. With the contrast of Red, we added hearts. Simply dip the fingernail polish, wipe the sides on the jar, just so you wont make a big drip. angle the brush, touch the nail. It should just leave one angled line like "/" then angle the brush opposite, only touch the bottom together to form the heart. You are basically creating a "V" but it looks like a cute heart! I was thinking XOXOX would be cute too...
Then a top coat! I swear by this one, Out the Door, It holds up better than the salon's goods!

Start your Engines

I have recently become a sewer. Meaning, I can plug in my machine, turn it on, and sew a straight line. And I feel like a million bucks! I've made a few pillow cases, and it's given me enough confidence to make this cute craft you see below.

Car Cozies! My boys are getting too big for Matchbox cars (at least I don't ever see them play with them, but as soon as I suggest getting rid of them, they LOVE them.) so I want to start handing some down to good friends and family for birthday presents, but I can't just give away chipped, worn out cars, so I saw this cute Car Cozy and knew it would be perfect. Hope you love them too. I'm going to tackle crayon cozies next.

My inspiration came from: the tutorial here is great, I followed it the best I could, but still made things up as I went.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


All 6 of my chairs were causing major sliver problems... And so... Here is my First tutorial... I'm so nervous..... Thanks Laura for the push!
Unscrew the seat, make a template. Cut out seats w/ a jigsaw. We just bought some MDF from Home Depot- the real wood is oh so expensive! And since it will be covered...
Cover with foam. I bought 1/2 inch from JoAnns. I could have got thicker- but I was worried about little spills, and the seats ending up smelling like rotten milk. So its on the thin side. But no worries you won't be watching 24 on this! you'll be eating!
This pic isn't quite right- the batting actually goes on top of the green foam- but I wanted you to see that you also make the green foam bigger to soften the edges too.
Cut your fabric even larger. Layer like so.
Pull tight, and staple away. Since I was trying to keep things centered, I would staple one side, and then the opposite, making sure it was even-steven.
Then those stubborn staples had to be hammered in.
Ahh! The hard part is over!
Drill it back in. We discovered we needed shorter screws too. But its lovely.
Viola! Seating for 6!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our first post, let the crafting begin.

I love V-day and it's right around the corner. So hopefully they'll be lots of Pink and Red crafts coming my way. Anyway, this super easy frame was fun to make, and even cuter displayed. And of course, inspiration has to come from somewhere, and here's where I got mine: