Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Slap a bow on it, and call it good

In my search for a creative Fathers Day gift I came across this easy, super cute, paper bow. I knew whatever I did, it had to include a bow like this. Since I was in charge of our primary's gift for the fathers, why not make 20 of these bad boys. The paper I used was called "Dude" how appropriate.

They turned out so cute, we attached them to apple pie caramel apples, that the kids made themselves. The end result was so fun, and the Dad's loved their gift.

And because I was on a roll, and loving the cute bows, I made some for my children's teachers and teacher helpers. (Our school just got out on the 18th.) We picked up some yummy turtle brownies from our local BJ's (like Costco). The kids each wrote out a cute thank you note, and then we attached the bow. G.'s teacher wore the bow like a corsage on her shirt all day.

I love G's note to his teacher..." Dear Mis Widacher I well mis you. I well nev forget how much you like wering crocs. Senc you were crocs so much I were myn often now." Hope you can decipher that. He is the cutest, I almost wish he never learns how to spell correctly. His writing won't be as much fun to read.

How cute are these?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Irresistable chocolate chip cookie bowls

Ice cream just found a new home.... a chocolate chip cookie bowl. These things were super easy to make, and worth the extra time (you can only make 6 at a time). They were originally found in Family Fun, but I found great instructions here:

I cheated and used store bought cookie dough, but next time I will try home made dough. Even though mine turned out dark and slightly overcooked, they were to die for.

We added plain Vanilla ice cream, Carmel, hardening chocolate, cool whip, and pecans. The Carmel and hardening chocolate were soaked up by the cookie bowl and lets just say...mmm.

The kids ate them to the last chip!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Place your orders.

I wanted to add some whimsy to my back porch, so I was inspired to make some fun food signs.

First I checked the back of Home depot in their scrape pile and found a board for .51 cents. Score. I cut it up for my 3 signs.

Next...continuing with my Red and Yellow theme, I painted the boards
Next came the lettering. I used sponge letters I got from Walmart, (sorry no picture)
Then I sanded, and glazed them, so they looked well used.
I attached them to the siding with self stick Velcro (easy to remove, when we move from this home, or in the winter time.)
I love the FUN element they bring to the porch, and they bring in more color!