Sunday, February 27, 2011

Button Rings

So.. RINGS!! Its all the rage in accessories. My darling, perfect, niece Maddie came for a couple days to hang out with me while her dad went to a Vet conference. We went shopping, running around, getting our hair done, and playing hard. Our last morning.. we had to craft! We made Dog tag jewels, and then she showed me how to make these Rings. So Cute... I love all the possibilities!
You begin with about 2ft wire. Flexible, it doesn't matter the gauge, just as long as it will cooperate and go through the buttons. I just had some floral wire (isn't she adorable?)Wrap it around your finger 2 times, this is what you'll use for the size...

pull the wires together and twist, like your closing a bag of bread

Then start coiling it around, until you want to stop, you don't even have to coil, you can skip a this step, and the prior entirely...
split the wires to go down each side of the buttons
Coil the wire around the ring, repeat on the other side.

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