Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentine Advent

I got this in the mail this week from my Amazing Sister. She is a crafting contessa! This measures about 2 1/2 feet across, its pretty big. She just used felt, cut a heart, glued a smaller pink heart, and even hot glued the ric rack around the edges. Then she did the smaller hearts- they have little pockets in them, and then just sticky felt numbers... she might have used the cricut?! Anyhoo... each little pocket has a little paper in it that either says an activity like "make a love shack" (a gingerbread house) or "show love to Savannah today by giving her one act of service" or "write a love note to CJ...." The kids love it, especially when the message is something about them~ Thanks LISA!! xoxoXOxoOOXxo

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  1. Cute! I want to make one too. Luckily I have tons of felt.